The diversity, distribution, form and function of animals, have fascinated me and made me study evolutionary biology.  I have no special time frame and deadlines for posts and would ideally post whenever I read an interesting paper, or this will be  a kind of a personal “journal club”. Motivating me to blog is a fact that writing about a topic makes me learn it better, which I recognized after I wrote some posts (and after reading a similar quote which i forgot to record or I would have cited it here). In future I would like to add posts about my research.

In general, this blog would be about evolution, with a special focus on animal evolution.

Some of my recent publications are:

1) Siby Philip, João Paulo Machado, Emanuel Maldonado, Vítor Vasconcelos, Stephen J O’Brien, Warren E Johnson & Agostinho Antunes. 2012. Fish lateral line innovation: insights into the evolutionary genomic dynamics of a unique mechanosensory organ. Molecular Biology and Evolution, doi.10.1093/molbev/mss194.

2) Siby Philip, L Filipe C Castro, Rute R da Fonseca, Maria A Reis-Henriques, Vítor Vasconcelos, Miguel M Santos & Agostinho Antunes, 2012. Adaptive evolution of the Retinoid X receptor in vertebrates. Genomics 99(2): 81–89.

3) Ralf Britz, Anvar Ali & Siby Philip, 2012. Dario urops, a new species of badid fish from the western Ghats, southern India (Teleostei: Percomorpha: Badidae). Zootaxa, 3348: 63 – 68.

4) Allen Benziger*, Siby Philip*, Rajeev Raghavan* et al. 2011. Unraveling a 146 Years Old Taxonomic Puzzle: Validation of Malabar Snakehead, Species-Status and Its Relevance for Channid Systematics and Evolution. PloS ONE 6(6): e21272. (* equally contributing authors).


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